In October 2016 Patrice Dando was elected President of AMA (Arc Méditerranéen des Auditeurs). Shortly thereafter he was interviewed by « L’auditor » which is a publication for professionals from Catalunya. Patrice kindly provided the English version of the interview.

With approximately 12,500 foreign companies located in the country, Spain is the 5th largest economy in the European Union. It is perhaps the best platform to conduct business with Latin America.

New proposals specifically target the gifting of family limited partnerships and limited liability company interests. If enacted, they will result in a massive disruption in gift, estate and generation-skipping tax planning.

New work permit classification system and online application system being tested in select regions. Two foreign work permits to be rolled into one.

Australia is currently locked in a housing affordability crisis and the real estate market continues to boom. Read about some of the tax measures that directly impact Australian real estate owned by non-residents.

Mark Saunders of Wilder Coe Ltd. in London has already been asked many questions about the effect of the recent vote by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. He has forwarded this article from the latest issue of the Wilder Coe newsletter and is more than willing to deal with questions raised by Integra member firms and their clients.

Has your small business discussed a contingency plan for a possible British exit from the EU? The risks should be identified and a plan should be made on how to manage them.

It is a striking statistic that only 33% of family businesses survive from one generation to the next. Read about some succession planning steps that should be undertaken.

In adopting a new banking tax law, the government has effectively increased control over the banking and insurance sector of financial institutions. Branches of foreign banks operating in Poland also fall within the scope.

The Chinese New Year holiday has a great effect upon business operations in China, and its effects are felt before the official date. The holiday will impact ordering, payment, supply chain, and domestic travel as the country effectively shuts down and hundreds of millions of people travel to their hometowns. This article will help to ensure that your business is adequately prepared for the holiday.