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2018 Schedule

November 20 – The Tax Cut & Jobs Act (TCJA) Impact on Business Valuation – presented by Don DeGrazia

The 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) is the biggest transformation of the Internal Revenue Code in decades and its impact on business valuation matters is astounding!

This session will cover how key tax law changes impact business valuation, challenging practitioners to examine what they have done in the past and how they may need to approach things going forward.

Learning Objectives– this session will concentrate on the aspects of the new tax law most affecting business valuations including:

  • A brief overview of relevant TCJA’s provisions.
  • The importance of the management interview – Is it reasonable to expect that tax savings will fall directly to the bottom line or will management have other plans for the increased cash flow?
  • Tax affecting pass-through entities is always controversial. Has the new Qualified Business Income Deduction … QBID complicated the situation? Impacts on pass-through entity taxation, including QBID examples, will be covered.
  • The implications of TCJA on both the income and market approaches will be significant. Accelerated depreciation on CapEx, projecting future earnings streams subject to sunsetting tax provisions, reasonable compensation’s impact on QBI, loss limitations, and the question of relevancy of past valuation multiples will be addressed.
  • Cost of capital and WACC considerations are impacted by TCJA – new tax rates, QBID & pass-through entities, historical vs supply-side ERP, interest deduction limitations and more!
  • Any applicable technical corrections, IRS Temporary Regulations or 2018 updates to the law will also be covered.

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December 18 – International Tax – presented by Isabel Goldberg / KSDT

January 22 – The Wayfair Case – presented by Greg Elias / Think LLP – 10am PST 1pm EST

Most CPAs are now familiar with recent WayFair U.S. Supreme Court case which dramatically overturned the historical nexus standard of physical presence for sales tax.  Now remote / internet sellers very well be may be liable to collect and remit sales tax in every state where their customers are physically located.

While the Wayfair decision clearly has an impact on sales tax collection / remission, the case requires many taxpayers to revisit their state income & franchise tax nexus positions as well.  The Court clearly stated that physical presence is not a necessary element for “substantial nexus”.   The ruling has many states looking to magnify their authority over online sales taxation and pursue income/franchise taxes in the same way they can now require collection of sales taxes.    Taxpayers now have to reconsider whether they’re now liable in states where they do business but don’t have physical operations!  Most agree it is not likely states will apply sales taxes in prior years.   Some states with economic nexus laws, however, may very well proceed with pursuing income taxes in prior years.

Companies must also address the financial statement impact of this case.   For example, this past July, Wells Fargo took a related $481m tax charge because of the Wayfair decision.  “Because of the ruling, some Wells affiliated entities may be considered to be subject to state income taxes even if they aren’t physically present in a given state”, John Shrewsberry, Wells’ CFO, said on an earnings conference call.

Think, LLP’s Indirect Tax Team has developed a Virtual Nexus Questionnaire and Solution Database of state-by-state laws, rules and cases that will yield a turn-key nexus solution plan for clients.  We provide this initial client analysis at no cost.  Clearly clients have risk and exposure to understand and address.  Our Team consists of attorneys and CPAs that are experts in dealing with the various state taxing authorities to help clients be ahead of the game, including negotiated settlements, amnesty and voluntary disclosure positions.


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  • June 8, 2017 – Business Valuation – An Intermediate Look
    Presented by Don DeGrazia, CPA/ABF/CFF and Kristen Matkowsky, CPA, Gold Gerstein Group LLP2 hours CPEBusiness valuation continues as one of the fastest growing and most lucrative niches for accounting firms. Developing in-house capabilities or working with other Integra members with a valuation skill set can be economically rewarding and diversify the services your firm offers. Join in for our first webinar as two experienced valuators explore the many aspects of valuation. Questions will be taken throughout the presentation. Comprehensive materials will be available to participants.


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