Integra Firm in Germany Rated as the Top Tax Advisor

For the second time Germany’s leading business daily Handelsblatt declares in March 2017 German tax advisors and auditors Wagemann + Partner with offices in Berlin, Hamburg and Dusseldorf is a first-rate tax firm in the field of international taxation. Additionally they confirmed that the practice is not only one of the top-ten consulting firms in Berlin, it’s also scored under the top-ten tax consultants German wide for the medical business and private persons.

In the first step of the performance check 7,000 tax advisors from all over Germany were invited to be a member of the study. 1,400 from them finally took part in an online survey. The survey had two sections: in the first one the participants were questioned about general practices in their companies, the second half tested the competency in the fields of the different specializations of the firms.

Wagemann + Partner was represented by Matthias Piaszinski, Thorsten Stielow, Jens Baumgardt, Dirk Lehmann and Stefanie Feiste – all together they obviously answered all questions in a highly satisfactory way.

One of the most important criteria for a high performance was that the company encourages its employees to expand their know-how and to acquire additional qualifications in the different tax consultancy areas. This was seen as a sign that the firm is future-oriented and willing to invest in the professional development of the employees. Another important part of the survey was to test the knowledge of the tax advisors about basic topics and problems in the field, as well as their expertise on more specialized tax consultancy issues.

Matthias Piaszinski pointed out: “We are honored and very pleased by our excellent performance that only makes us more willing to further support our clients and partners in all the tax consulting areas.”

You can find further information (in German) about the rankings here