Integra Member in Dallas Contributes a Case Study to a New Book

DALLAS, Texas, March 13, 2017 – The book, Your Company Culture Ecosystem, by Kristin Robertson, includes Salmon Sims Thomas Accountants & Consultants approach to establishing and sustaining company culture. Bill Sims, CEO and partner, says, “We are delighted to be included in Kristin’s book about embedding core values into operational practice. A time of transition for our firm turned into a time of growth when Kristin helped us recognize and build on the values that were important to our management team.”

Kristin Robertson’s work with Salmon Sims Thomas is a case study example in her book. She is a consultant, speaker, certified business coach and group facilitator who collaborates with companies to identify strengths based on employee feedback, company history, and goals for the future.  As a result of the collaboration, Salmon Sims Thomas focused on the people and systems they needed to empower and employ to take the firm to a higher level of revenues and profitability. They also created a Salmon Sims Thomas Executive Leadership Institute to train, coach, and facilitate a solid career path for high-potential employees. Mr. Sims says, “Solidifying our culture puts our firm in the best position possible to reach the goals we all want to achieve.”