Chairman's Message

It is a great honor for me to be elected Global Chairman of Integra International for 2016 and 2017. For the past 20+ years Integra has grown from two independent organizations and 12 firms to a robust and vibrant worldwide organization of 125 firms in over 70 countries, providing quality accounting, tax and business advice.

The business world becomes more global with each passing day. Thanks to technology, a firm that would never have considered doing business across international borders is able to do so now with ease. At Glass Jacobson Financial Group our tagline is “Manage the now, Empower the future”. This refers to the recognition of our critical role in helping our clients to effectively manage their financial lives, while at the same time, recognizing the importance of reaching the next generation of both team members and clients.

Managing the myriad tax laws and regulations can be a mammoth challenge. Our member firms position themselves as trusted resources to our clients, there to help businesses navigate the various national and local taxes and rules. Collectively, we are committed to providing our clients with the best advice available, empowering them to succeed today and in the future.

Through our involvement with Integra, Glass Jacobson Financial Group is not just a firm of 80 serving the Washington, DC and Baltimore Metro areas, we are, in fact, a global firm with access to over 4,000 professionals across the globe.

I remember Richard Glickman, Integra founder for the Americas, Asia, Australia and New Zealand asking me to expand my horizons. I followed his advice and I am proud to say that through Integra I have expanded my knowledge, made myself a better advisor for my clients and made true friends across this great world.

Over the almost two decades we have been members of Integra I have seen the passion and energy of other member firms as they provide the highest quality service to enable their and our clients succeed. Our focus is the client and their success. We are entrepreneurs ourselves.

If you own a business that needs a strong, experienced and globally connected team of professionals committed to your success, – contact the Integra firm closest to you and experience the Integra advantage. Let us become your trusted advisor. If you are a top quality professional services firm, expand your horizons and contact us to become part of the Integra family.

Your Global Advantage – Integra International
Douglas White
Global Chairman, 2016 and 2017