AEIME Regional Chapter Board

The AEIME regional chapter is responsible for co-ordinating the activities of our members in Africa, Europe, India and the Middle East. They work with the Global Board to see that Integra's worldwide objectives are achieved and that specific programs are implemented at the regional level.


Franz Schweiger is a founding member of Integra International and is the managing partner of BF Consulting in Vienna who specialize in international tax law and corporate finance.

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Vice President

Mark Saunders has been a partner with WIlder Coe in London for more than 25 years providing audit, corporate tax, business planning and advice to family-run businesses. He previoulsy served as Chairman of Integra's Global Board in 2010 and 2011.

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Budget & Finance Officer

Britta Koetteritzsch is a partner of CONSULTA Wagemann + Partner in Dusseldorf. She has many years experience in national and international tax law. Her Global Board function is marketing.

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Ruben Almog specializes in dealing with industrial and commercial companies such as international forwarders and custom brokers. He also provides consultancy services on international taxation and the integration of computer systems as an audit tool.

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Francesc Bellavista is a Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Economics and Business Sciences. He is a university lecturer in financial economics and accountancy.

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David Borg has extensive experience particularly in the oil and gas, international tourism and real estate sectors. He has advised various companies on business development, tax structures and corporate governance issues.

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Dr. Desai's areas of specialization are valuation, project finance, forensic audits, financial restructuring of companies and financial strategies.

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Stefanie Feiste is a German tax advisor whose expertise includes the filing of financial statements and tax returns for clients with an international background.

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Giuseppe Scibetta is senior partner of Pomara Scibetta & Partners in Milan. He has more than 40 years experience in international tax law and business consulting. He is involved in marketing duties for Integra International.

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Titoflavio Scibetta is Partner in Rome for Studio Scibetta specializing in corporate finance, corporate restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, start-up and international tax law.

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Thorsten Stielow is a licensed CPA in New Hampshire, USA. He specializes in business taxation for small and medium size enterprises, especially those with international interests.

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Jeroen Vanderlinden is managing partner of Norgay a in Gooik-Brussels and is a specialist in accountancy, international tax and corporate finance. 

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