WENS CONSULTING & AUDITING, WHIMPPER NARVAEZ S.A. is located in Guayaquil, Ecuador. They are a firm of 18 people. 

Business Auditing and Consulting is located in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Integra International Admits a New Member - Cresa, the World’s Largest Tenant-only Commercial Real Estate Firm.

CPS Taxation Services Limited/CPS Corporate Services Limited has over 20 years of experience with multinational companies.

Mary Jordan, CPA recently joined the organization that serves the less fortunate.

GrossDukeNelson is now allowed to assist taxpayers in obtaining Individual Taypayer Identification Numbers

Wilder Coe Ltd. is pleased to introduce James Colclough as Head of Corporate Tax

The drive to increase membership is in full swing. The latest new members are located in Europe, India, Pakistan Africa and the Middle East.

A performance check on behalf of the country’s leading business newspaper Handelsblatt has ranked Wagemann + Partner among the ten best.

Integra International is very pleased to announce the admittance of Carpathian Advisory Group, s.r.o.  located in Bratislava.