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May 2023

A Message from the COO,
Mark Saunders

To all of you who were at the Dallas conference - a big thank you for making it such a tremendous experience. Great hotel, excellent speakers and enjoyable food and entertainment. Respect to those who climbed on the Rodeo Bull and thank you for taking us to Fort Worth for the Cowboy experience. A big thanks to Lisa and Bill Sims and all the team at SST for all their hard work and to Kathy Rose for putting it all together and making it happen. Many of our regular conference goers said to me that this was just like the old days! Meaning pre-Covid! Indeed, it did feel that everyone�s expectations had been exceeded and that was very good to see.

Now we are looking forward to Zurich in just a couple of weeks� time and it will be great to be meeting many of you there. Susanne is busy finalising all the arrangements. Again, we have an interesting agenda and I am looking forward to dinner on the mountain above the city!

Our conferences really are the best way to meet integra members and build lasting relationships. Please do come and join us.

Remember the big one this year is Singapore, October 26th -28th. I know that many members have already made their travel arrangements. Lois and our host, Wayne Soo, are busy putting the agenda together and arranging the social programme. Book your flights now!  See you soon!

 - Mark Saunders

Member News

Eugene Smarrelli Appointed Managing Partner at Banks Group


Congratulations to Eugene Smarrelli on his new role as Managing Partner at Banks Group, Integra member in Australia.

Eugene has been a Partner at Banks Group since 1989 and a staff member for 38 years. Since Eugene commenced in 1985, he has built a significant client base by combining his expertise in business, taxation and fiscal management with his consultative approach. He prides himself on prioritizing clients above all else.  

Upcoming Meetings

We invite you to join an Integra Special Interest Group (SIG). Attend an upcoming meeting for knowledge sharing and networking with other members.
  • ASIA Pacific Committee 
    August 2023 4:00 SGT
    RSVP to Lois Pares
  • Audit & Accounting SIG
    7 July 2023 11:00 AM EST / 5:00 PM CET
    RSVP to Susanne Martius 
  • Business Valuation SIG 
    June 2023 10:00 AM EST  
    RSVP to Lois Pares
  • Corporate Finance SIG 
    June 2023  4:00 PM SGT
    RSVP to Lois Pares
  • Data Analytics SIG 
    Summer 2023
    RSVP to Lois Pares

  • HR Committee 
    June 2023 11:00 PM EST/NY 
    RSVP to Kathy Rose
  • Marketing SIG
    18 July 2023 11:00 AM EST/NY 
    RSVP to Kathy Rose
  • Sustainability Reporting 
    Summer 2023
    RSVP to Lois Pares
  • Transfer Pricing 
    8 Aug 2023 9:00 AM EST/NY / 3:00 PM CET 
    RSVP to Kathy Rose

Upcoming Conferences




Zurich, Switzerland

15-17 June 2023  

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EMEIA Regional Conference 2022
2023 Cross Border Tax Workshop




Berlin, Germany

16 September 2023 


Details coming soon!

2023 GLOBAL 



26-28 October 2023


 Details coming soon!

2023 Global Conference

New International Standards for

Non-profit Organizations

First worldwide standards poised for issuance in June 2023.  Read about it in the April issue of the Audit & Accounting Alert.

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