Real Estate

The Vision

Our committee mission is to integrate and cross pollinate the services provided by the real estate professionals and the accounting professionals of Integra International in order to provide services unsurpassed in either industry and drive revenues for all participants.

We will accomplish this by learning the expertise that makes up disciplines, defining where they best merge and executing a plan that grows business for both disciplines by teaming together.

The Process

Distribute materials to educate on each discipline, provide information on relevant, shared issues, create “best of practice” resources (create a resource library) and maintain a “market ready” knowledge and solution for clients utilizing both disciplines.  This will be accomplished through social media outlets, the Integra Interactive Website, Integra International conferences and personal meetings.

Fee Structure

We should work to standardize a fee sharing arrangement that distinguishes between consultation consideration and assignment consideration. Real estate has a standard fee structure ranging between 10% and 20% of fees earned or an hourly fee on a consultation basis.

Frequency of Meetings:

Initial meetings will be held monthly through conference calls.



Group Chair


Don Mitchell

Managing Principal

+1 858 794 5501


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