Taxation and Transfer Pricing

Paying taxes is an inevitable part of business and it is the duty of professional advisors to minimize the amount paid by their clients. Therefore Integra International has formed a group of specialists in order to help our members meet their responsibility in this area. The members of this group combine tax resources and share information to maximize the value they can deliver to Integra members’ clients. They assist Integra members by harnessing the knowledge base of its members in order to:

  • Develop contacts within member firms in order to address federal, state, local and international tax issues.
  • Advise Integra members and their clients on cross border tax matters in particular decisions arising from transfer pricing situations.
  • Assist members in meeting regulatory and legal requirements including identification and resolution of federal, state and international tax matters that involve audit issues, complex transactions and industry or region-specific tax rules.
  • Facilitate communication and exchange of tax related resources among members.
  • Assist members and their clients by identifying tax-planning opportunities that may be specific or unique to a taxing jurisdiction, including special tax credits, incentives, exclusions or deductions.
  • Assist members in identifying and evaluating computer hardware, software or research tools to maximize efficiency in tax compliance, planning and research.
  • Provide referral opportunities for members seeking expert advice to assist their clients with unusual or non-recurring transactions

The group has assisted members and their clients with decisions related to:

  • Business structure and entity formation
  • Cross border transactions and transfer pricing issues
  • Apportionment of state income tax and nexus issues
  • Personal income tax planning and compliance, including resident/nonresident tax status and foreign earned income exclusion
  • Foreign tax credits and the repatriation of foreign earnings.

With members in every major city, Integra International is exceptionally well positioned to help all members and their clients.

Group Co-chairs


 Franz Schweiger

Managing Partner/Director

+43 1 522 47 91

BF Consulting Wirtschaftsprüfungs GmbH

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 Dirk Lehman


+49 30 8938890

Wagemann + Partner PartG mbB

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