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Integra Announces New Firm in Zurich, Switzerland

Integra International is very pleased to announce that a new member in Zurich, Switzerland has been admitted.

Gätzi & Partner Treuhand AG is a 2 Partner and 4 staff firm, founded in 2016 by the two Partners, Mr. Ralf Gätzi and Mr. Sven Bergamin.  The managing Partner is Mr. Ralf Gätzi, who has 11 years of experience in fiduciary and consultancy business.

The second Partner and main contact for Integra International is Mr. Sven Bergamin, who has 12 years of experience in an important international accounting firm.  Mr. Bergamin can be contacted at sven.bergamin@guptreuhand.ch

More details about the firm can be seen  on the Integra WebsiteRead More

PCAOB Implements New Directions on Audit Oversight

Outlook for inspections and new audit report content put in place

When the PCAOB issued the Inspections Outlook for 2019in December, the term “transformation,” a word more often found in religious contexts, was used to describe the wide sweeping reassessment of the approaches for planning, conducting and reporting on the Board’s periodic examinations of audits and auditors. While some of the anticipated results will address longer range aspects, a number are to be implemented in 2019.

Following up, on March 14, 2019, the Staff Inspections Outlook for Audit Committees (Outlook) was published, spelling out the Board’s more robust intent for engagement with audit committees, along with delineation of key areas of inspection focus, as well as suggested questions audit committees may want to ask the auditors during the year.… Read More

Corporate and Audit Failures Lead Call for New British Regulator

Audit watchdog with more muscle to replace beleaguered Financial Reporting Council

The last issue of the Audit & Accounting Alert reported on the innovative, forward looking approach of the United Kingdom’s Financial Reporting Council (FRC) in tackling the challenges of financial reporting in the age of artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, the auditor watchdog role of the FRC has not fared as well in keeping pace with the rapid changes in the accounting and reporting complexities of organizations subject to its oversight.

With collapses like that of Carillion plc, the second largest construction company in the United Kingdom, in early 2018, and severe criticism of the company’s audits performed by KPMG, the government commissioned an independent review of the FRC (known as the Kingman Review) to determine what went wrong, and the appropriate actions to take.… Read More

Integra Announces New Firm in Dakar, Senegal

Integra International is very pleased to announce that a new member in Dakar, Senegal has been admitted.

KAP Expertise is a 2 Partner and 14 staff firm, founded in 2014. The two Partners are Mr. Radoine Kreaime and Mr. Rayan Darwiche.

Managing Partner of the firm and main contact person for Integra International is Mr. Radoine Kreaime, who can be contacted at r.kreaime@kap-expertise.com  .  Mr. Kreaime  worked for several years in France, including five years as a Senior Manager of the Integra member firm in Paris.

KAP Expertise is a well-established and professionally managed entity, and one of the important local firms. More details about the firm can be seen  on the Integra Website .  We welcome Mr. Radoine Kreaime and Mr.… Read More