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July 2023

A Message from the COO,
Mark Saunders

This month I want to ask all of you to follow the Integra international LinkedIn Page and check out our content. 

To all those who attended our conferences in Zurich and Dallas this year you will find on our LinkedIn page videos that Lois created from the various photographs that were taken and WhatsApp posts shared during the conferences. See if you can spot yourselves.

For those who did not attend the conferences please look at the videos and just see what you are missing. We have had over 500 views of the Zurich conference video already which goes to show not only that those who attended have watched that video, but they have also shared it and many others have watched it. It is also a useful tool in our recruitment of new members as we can show to people exactly what it means to be a member of Integra and the level of engagement and enjoyment at our conferences.

Speaking of conferences our next upcoming event is the Cross Border tax workshop which takes place in Berlin on September 16th. Our tax workshops are very popular events and are an excellent opportunity to allow those tax professionals within every one of our member firms to meet likeminded members from around the world.

There is little doubt that much of the cross-border work that gets referred between member firms of Integra is of a tax nature.  Book now!

The subject of the cross-border tax workshop is tax incentives around the world particularly focusing on things like research and development grants and allowances. Susanne Martius and our host firm Wagemann + Partner have also arranged two dinners for the Friday and Saturday evenings. The dinner on the Saturday evening is particularly exciting as it will take place in a restaurant on the roof of the Reichstag. This is a truly iconic location.  I would urge you all to book early if you are considering coming, although we can accommodate as many of you as possible at the cross-border tax workshop, the dinner at the Reichstag is strictly limited in numbers. Please ensure that the members of your tax departments are aware of this opportunity.

 - Mark Saunders

Upcoming Meetings

We invite you to join an Integra Special Interest Group (SIG). Attend an upcoming meeting for knowledge sharing and networking with other members.
  • ASIA Pacific Committee 
    August 2023
    RSVP to Lois Pares
  • Audit & Accounting SIG
    1 Sept 2023 11 AM EDT / 5 PM CET  
    RSVP to Susanne Martius 
  • Business Valuation SIG 
    September 2023 
    RSVP to Lois Pares
  • Corporate Finance SIG 
    October 2023
    RSVP to Lois Pares

  • HR Committee 
    29 Aug 2023 11:00 AM EDT/NY 
    RSVP to Kathy Rose
  • Marketing SIG
    20 July 2023 11:00 AM EDT/NY 
    RSVP to Kathy Rose
  • Sustainability Reporting 
    30 Aug 2023  1:00 PM CEST 
    RSVP to Lois Pares
  • Transfer Pricing 
    19 Sept 2023 9:00 AM EDT
    RSVP to Kathy Rose



  LinkedIn Masterclass

We invite you to join us at our next Marketing Special Interest Group meeting for a special presentation by Jo Edwards, principal of JE Consulting.  Please join us on July 20th at 11:00am EDT/NY for a LinkedIn Masterclass.

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Integra Announces New AAANZ Leadership

Integra International is pleased to announce the appointment of Carolina Perez de Aguinaga as Board President for the AAANZ Regional Chapter and Stephen Radachi as Vice President.  

Carolina is a Partner at Salgado Accounting and Tax, our member firm in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Read more

Stephen is a Partner at Radachi & Company CPA, our member firm in Elyria, Ohio. 

AAANZ President & VP
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Integra Tax World Newsletter

Integra International is seeking writers for the next edition of the Integra Tax World Newsletter.  Please submit queries or articles for consideration to Editor, Grant Gilmore, B.Sc. HONS,MBA, CPA BC, CA, CPA AZ  at [email protected].   Read the latest in Integra Tax World.

Member News

Prooptiki SA Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Prooptiki SA, our member firm in Athens celebrated the 40th anniversary of the company�s operation with an event on 1st of June 2023. The event was hosted at the rooftop of Prooptiki SA office in Athens, Greece. Long standing and recent clients, people representing the business elite of the country and old colleagues, had the chance to celebrate with all Prooptiki staff this amazing event under the lights of the Acropolis magnificent view.  Congratulations and best wishes for continued success!

Upcoming Conferences



Berlin, Germany

16 September 2023  

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EMEIA Regional Conference 2022
2023 Global Conference Singapore

2023 GLOBAL 



26-28 October 2023


 Details coming soon!

Fighting Corruption and Illegal Acts

Renewed tactics for an age-old battle. Read about it in the June issue of the Audit & Accounting Alert.

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Sharing your firm news is a great way to build awareness for your firm and team members within the Integra family and beyond. News may be featured on the Integra website, newsletters or social media. 

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