New legal framework for transfer pricing in Brazil August 31, 2023 The Brazilian Government has introduced a fresh legal framework for transfer pricing rules through Law No. 14,596/2023, effective from June 15, 2023. This move aligns Brazil's transfer pricing (TP) rules with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) standards. Previously, Brazil's TP rules diverged from OECD standards, often using fixed margins for TP calculations. This deviation posed challenges for multinational companies with Brazilian subsidiaries. The updated rules apply to transactions with: (i) related parties; (ii) entities in countries that either do not tax income or tax it at a rate below 17%; and (iii) entities benefiting from a privileged… Read More
VAT Exemption to Imported Goods – Greece August 31, 2023 Based on recent decisions of the Independent Authority of Public Revenues in Greece, the application of a VAT exemption to imported goods under certain procedures detailed below shall no longer be granted if the declared customs value is disputed and subsequently increased by the customs authorities. Certain categories of goods are no longer eligible for VAT exemption on import based on the procedures mentioned above. The relevant measures shall be effective as of 24.07.2023.   The procedures and types of goods to which the above decisions apply are the following: Procedures where the new measures apply to cases where a… Read More
A Vat full of VAT August 28, 2023 Author Grant Gilmour B.Sc. HONS , MBA, CPA BC Canada , CA, CPA Arizona USA Recently I attended training on VAT in the UAE. That experience made me think about how different VAT programs are similar and different around the world. VAT is new in the UAE. It was implemented in 2018. Like other VAT programs around the world many questions have already come up and the UAE taxation authorities are rapidly bringing forward guidance and clarification. Looking at Value Added Tax conceptually it is similar around the world. It is usually levied by each participant at each step of the process. I… Read More
Researching Tax for Integra Tax World August 28, 2023 Author Grant Gilmour B.Sc. HONS , MBA, CPA BC Canada , CA, CPA Arizona USA When I became editor of this newsletter, I knew many members of Integra and in particular many who are primarily tax advisors. What I am growing to know is the large “World” of tax and tax advisors that make up the Integra community.  I started to put together a list or tool to help me keep track of what firms are doing and in particular what they have on their websites regarding tax. Think of it as “speed dial” for tax advice in Integra. This is still a… Read More
U.S. Company with Solar Project in Japan Facilitating the Investment and Minimizing Tax May 31, 2023 Authors Chris Klug, JD, LLM Founder, Klug Counsel PLLC Tetsunori (Ted) Chiba, LLM, MST International Tax Partner,  Actus Tax Corporation Edited By Integra International Grant Gilmour, CPA (Canada, BC) CPA (USA, Arizona)   Klug Counsel had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Actus Tax Corporation to provide cross-border tax representation to our now mutual client.  The Company develops solar and wind projects in Japan.  Both owners of the Company are U.S. citizens with one of the owners also being a Japanese tax resident at the time of initial representation.  The Company’s business was entering a new phase with a clean energy U.S.… Read More
Sparkling wine tax / solidarity surcharge (or the immortality of taxes) May 23, 2023 Author Wagemann + Partner PartG mbB, Berlin, Patrick Löchel, Steuerberater Edited By Integra International Grant Gilmour, CPA (Canada, BC) CPA (USA, Arizona) In Germany, there is a widespread belief among the population that, despite all political assurances to the contrary, a tax once introduced will never be repealed. A prominent example of this is the so-called "sparkling wine tax". This has been levied on carbonated wines with an alcohol content for over 120 years. It covers but is not limited to champagne, crémant and sparkling wine in particular. The tax was introduced 1902 by the German Reichstag (the parliament at… Read More
Implementation of a Global Minimum Tax Rate May 23, 2023 An overview of OECD Pillar Two Model Rules Author Bright Grahame Murray, Cheryl Thomas, Partner (ACA CTA ) Edited By Integra International Grant Gilmour, CPA (Canada, BC) CPA (USA, Arizona) The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD] Base Erosion and Profit Shifting [BEPS] programme introduced 15 actions to ensure profits are taxed where economic activities generating the profits are performed and where value is created. Action 1 was to address the tax challenges arising from the Digitalisation of the Economy. In the middle of 2021, the international community agreed a Two-Pillar Solution to address these issues. Currently, multinational enterprises… Read More
Canada Neighborhood Underused Housing Tax (UHT) Canada February 23, 2023 By Nicholas Raycroft, Hendry Warren Edited by Grant Gilmour On June 9, 2022, the Canadian government enacted the "UHT Act”. This tax is intended to discourage the ownership of vacant or underused Canadian real estate. Although it primarily targets ownership of Canadian real estate by non-resident non-Canadians, this tax may be applicable to certain Canadian-Controlled Private Corporations (CCPCs), trusts and partnerships. The UHT will be administered by the Canada Revenue Agency.   Overview The UHT imposes a 1% tax on the taxable value of residential property to owners on December 31of a calendar year, other than "excluded owners", of residential… Read More
Foundation and Trust Global Taxation Private Foundations and Trusts | The same but different around the world February 23, 2023 By Wagemann + Partner PartG mbB, Berlin, Dr. Filip Schade, Steuerberater, Master of Laws Edited By Integra International Grant Gilmour, CPA (Canada, BC) CPA (USA, Arizona)   Question: Is there an internationally coordinated set of rules regarding the legal and tax treatment of private foundations and trusts? Answer: The OECD has hardly any recommendations available and there are no harmonization efforts observable. Private foundations and trusts remain a purely national and sometimes regional matter. When preparing this article, I asked myself whether there is an international set of rules in which many countries have agreed on certain principles for the… Read More