There are two Member Categories that you can join.
See below for information and qualifications for each Category.


  Integra Firm Membership

Each member firm remains independent and conducts its professional affairs as it always has – provided professional standards for its jurisdiction are maintained. Each firm must have at least 6 professionals (North America only) wherever possible. Some market areas have either only smaller firms or the big 4, in which case exceptions are made. Member firms generally do not exceed 150 employees, most are about 30 employees. Each firm must agree to actively participate in the association by attending at least one conference each year and by responding promptly to any requests from other members. Each firm must pay the annual dues timely.

Each firm is supplied annually with our Members’ Handbook and International Directory which has been designed and written so that it can be used whenever Integra’s international connections may have an influence on the client proposal being presented. Also available is a PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates the advantages of membership in Integra.

Formal professional development remains the responsibility of each firm. All members are required to meet the standards of their respective governing body. At each Integra conference a significant portion of time qualifies for professional development and education certificates are issued.

Referrals of business between members are negotiated directly between firms. Procedures exist for the coordination of services when multiple Integra offices are engaged by a client. A database, including the area of expertise, of all members is maintained on our internal IntrAnet. The IntrAnet is our “World Wide Communications and Productivity Tool” available at no cost to all members. It is used for interoffice discussions, e-mail, web links, tasks, appointments, etc. Technical assistance is available at any time from other members. In addition, ample time is available at each of our conferences for firms with special interests to meet.

  Business Alliance Membership

The Integra Business Alliance membership is a special category of membership for trusted business advisor firms who have had a working relationship with Integra members over a period of years, but are not technically eligible to become regular members of Integra due to the structure of their firm, the nature of their business (not specifically tax, accounting or auditing services) or they may be members of another accounting association.


Qualifications for an Integra Business Alliance Membership:

  • The firm must have at least 3 years of working experience with 2 or more Integra regular member firms.
  • The firm’s services must be in significant demand by a wide variety of Integra members.
  • There must be sufficient due diligence on the firm to provide for “robust recommendations” to other Integra members and their clients.
  • They must attend conferences on a regular basis.
  • They must pay regular annual dues.
  • They must display the Integra logo on their web site together with the appropriate hyperlink.
  • They may be terminated with notice by the Global Board of Directors.