March 2023
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March 2023

A Message from the COO,
Mark Saunders

We recently held two special interest group meetings which were of particular relevance to all of our members. For both Zoom meetings we had a very high attendance. Our HR SIG discussed outsourcing or offshoring of staff. The range of different outsourced activities carried out by our members was very wide. Many have been outsourcing work and running offshore teams for some time whereas at the other extreme some of our members have not outsourced at all. Some of our members offer the opportunity to outsource work directly to them.

It is clear from the level of experience shown by our members that should anyone be interested in outsourcing work or creating an offshore team then there is plenty of experience within our membership to assist them with sound advice. It is also clear that although most of what we discussed was around outsourcing professional work such as audit, bookkeeping, payroll or tax return preparation there were also quite a lot of our members outsourcing their IT support, Web design and hosting or marketing activities. Again, there is much experience within our membership which can be shared.

There are clearly professional standards and legal requirements that need to be complied with when carrying out work offshore especially with regard to audit work and the preparation of tax returns. Many of our members have amended their engagement letters accordingly and are required to obtain the consent of clients before carrying out such work. Indeed, the regulatory environment within their country may compel them to do so. However, it also became clear that in some of our members jurisdictions there were no such restrictions in place.

The second meeting was the Marketing special interest group where a lot of our firms outsource everything from branding and brand guidelines to social media management and blog creation, the production of newsletters, copywriting and website hosting and design.

However, there was also the clear message that no matter how you carry out marketing in order to convert a client it is important to have a face-to-face meeting.

Some of our members have used Google ads or LinkedIn campaigns to obtain leads and this can be very successful as long as there is a process to follow up the leads and to convert them.

It was also clear that for many of our firms they are receiving so many new inquiries for work and consequently are very busy. This is a situation exacerbated by the difficulties currently experienced in hiring new professional staff. Therefore, they may not be carrying out much direct marketing as there is simply not the need to take those extra steps to acquire new clients.

Many of our members are using some of the older traditional methods such as attending trade shows, advertising in trade journals, and attending face to face business networking events.

Should any of our members wish to have specific guidance on any outsourcing, offshoring or marketing activity I am sure that we will be able to find another member within Integra who will be only too pleased to share their experience with them. Please contact any of your administrators or myself or put a must message in our WhatsApp group. Please also communicate to us any successes you may have that we may share with our members. 

 - Mark Saunders

Integra Announces New Member

Integra International is very pleased to announce the admittance of a new member, NOA TAX & TRAINING SRL, in Bucharest, Romania. Recently established in 2022, the firm has 1 Partner and 3 staff.

Mrs. Nadia Oanea is a tax advisor and certified chartered accountant with 23 years of experience. She worked 8 years as tax auditor with the Romanian tax authorities, and 15 years in tax advisory with working experience in international advisory firms. Because of her extensive experience, Nadia is able to explain complex concepts, and she provides tax advisory services in complex matters to the boards of Romanian and foreign companies.

Nadia is the main contact for Integra and she can be contacted at [email protected]

Learn more about Nadia and her firm on their Integra Profile or the firm website, NOA TAX & TRAINING SRL.

Member News

Orients Audit & Finance Announces New Digital Sustainability Report

Congratulations to Orients Audit & Finance, our member firm in Latvia, for the creation of Europe's first publicly available Digital Sustainability Report! To see what the future of digital reporting looks like, check out the report.


ARQ Group Launches Malta MLRO Masterclass

ARQ Group's training and development arm, ARQ Educate, in collaboration with Global Leader Group, organized the first edition of the Malta MLRO Masterclass on 1-2 March.  The MLRO Masterclass featured specialized workshops and provided participants from a number of banks and financial institutions a platform to discuss best practices and experiences on a host of relevant subjects. 

Integra Launches

International Tax Newsletter

Integra Tax World, International Tax Newsletter

Integra recently published the first edition of Integra Tax World, an Integra International Newsletter edited by Grant Gilmour, Alumni member in Vancouver, Canada.  The newsletter features articles written by Integra subject area experts and keeps members up to date on issues and developments in the area of income taxation and other tax matters. In the second edition, we will launch an “Ask an expert” feature. In the third edition, we hope to feature a case study. If two or more Integra firms have recently collaborated on a tax project, please contact Grant and we will write a column about how the collaboration helped the firms and more importantly, the client. 

Please submit your questions, case studies and article proposals to Grant Gilmour for consideration.  

Upcoming Meetings

We invite you to join an Integra Special Interest Group (SIG). Attend an upcoming meeting for knowledge sharing and networking with other members.
  • ASIA Pacific Committee 
    20 April 2023 4:00 SGT
    RSVP to Lois Pares
  • Audit & Accounting SIG
    21 April 2023 11:00 AM EST / 5:00 PM CET
    RSVP to Susanne Martius 
  • Business Valuation SIG 
    16 March 2023 10:00 AM EST  
    RSVP to Lois Pares
  • Corporate Finance SIG 
    2 June 2023  4:00 PM SGT
    RSVP to Lois Pares
  • Data Analytics SIG 
    21 March 2023 Time TBA 
    RSVP to Lois Pares

  • HR Committee 
    7 June 2023 11:00 PM EST/NY 
    RSVP to Kathy Rose
  • Marketing SIG
    18 April 2023 11:00 AM EST/NY 
    RSVP to Kathy Rose
    Late Spring 2023  
    RSVP to Kathy Rose

  • Sustainability Reporting 
    25 April 2023 9:00 AM EST/NY / 3:00 PM CET 
    RSVP to Lois Pares
  • Transfer Pricing 
    9 May 2023 9:00 AM EST/NY / 3:00 PM CET 
    RSVP to Kathy Rose

Upcoming Conferences

EMEIA Regional Conference 2022



Dallas, Texas   USA

18-20 May 2023

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Zurich, Switzerland

15-17 June 2023


Details coming soon!

EMEIA Regional Conference 2022

The Changing Accountant's Image

Put the green eyeshade to rest for good. Read about it in the February issue of the Audit & Accounting Alert.

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