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IRC Section 163(j) and QBID – Business Interest Expense Deduction Limitation

August 22, 2019 | Kristin L. Schmid, J.D., LL.M. - Kulzer & DiPadova, P.A.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changed the deductibility of business interest expense. This seminar will not only provide the basics of how to calculate the limitation, but will also provide:

  • An in-depth explanation of the small business exception including the aggregation rules.
  • How the limitation applies to real estate businesses, whether the real estate business should elect out    of applying the limitation, and process of electing out.
  • A discussion of the complex partnership limitation rules.
  • An overview of the proposed regulations.


The Perfect Hire

July 25, 2019 | Daniel W. Hudson, Founder and President; Joseph E. Brunsman, Vice President - CPL Brokers, Inc.

This presentation is a combination of demographics, psychometrics, psychology, and the use of artificial intelligence in the interview process.

Learn why the future of your firm depends on hiring more women, and how to hone your hiring efforts with scientific precision.


Today’s Cyber Threat Landscape…a Presentation from US Secret Service

July 16, 2019 | Wendy Cassidy Special Agent, J.D. – U.S. Secret Service

Today’s cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, leaving many small to medium-sized businesses unprepared to defend themselves against cyber-attacks. Join our webinar with Special Agent Wendy Cassidy from the United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force unit and hear about the latest cyber threats and the steps you can take to protect your business.


Leases and the Balance Sheet

June 26, 2019 | Presented by: Steven Austin, Firm Managing Partner - Swenson Advisors; Jole Colbourn, Lease Accounting Director - Swenson Advisors; Ane Ohm, CEO - Lease Cruch; Don Mitchell, Managing Principle - Cresa

Now that many public companies have crossed the line into the new lease accounting territory as of January 1, 2019,  it’s time for the private companies and nonprofits to step up and do the same.


You've Been Hacked! Now What?

May 1, 2019 | Presented by: Randy R. Werner, J.D., LL.M./Tax, CPA — Loss Prevention Executive

Cybersecurity issues continue to escalate and cause CPAs a great deal of concern. Security tools to protect against cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated but attackers are also becoming more advanced. This presentation will offer a greater awareness to attendees about data security risks and cybersecurity best practices.


The Wayfair Decision: New State Tax Liabilities

January 22, 2019 | Presented by: Greg Elias / Think LLP

Greg Elias from Think LLP, discusses the The Wayfair Case and the new state liabilities with taxes.


Navigating The World of Social Media

January 8, 2019 | Presented by Lorenzo Lancaster,Barabino & Partners, USA

In today’s world, social media has become increasingly important in the way we conduct business and grow our careers. Staying connected with current and potential business partners via social media is the new norm. If you don’t feel comfortable using social media, or don’t really know where to start, this webinar is for you.


Does the Tax Cut & Jobs Act (TCJA) Trump Business Valuation?

November 20, 2018 | Presented by Don DeGrazia, CPA, ABV, CFF & Doug White, CPA, MAFF, CVA, CGMA

the 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) is the biggest transformation of the Internal Revenue Code in decades and its impact on business valuation matters is astounding! This session will cover how key tax law changes impact business valuation, challenging practitioners to examine what they havedone in the past and how they may need to approach things going forward.


Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and theImpact on Auditing

November 7, 2018 | Presented by John Colthart / MindBridge

A financial audit is an important step in providing a level of assurance not only to shareholders and creditors but also to regulators, customers, suppliers, and employees.By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) we can find important correlations amongst financial data thatwould be otherwise missed by traditional methods.


Zero Inbox –Managing Email and Priorities at Work

October 4, 2018 | Presented by Laurie Daschuk / Integra International

Email is simple, but it’s not easy! …a presentation for busy professionals.  You’ve got Email and the challenge of keeping up is getting worse, not better. The average email user is spending 28% of their working day on email. That’s 13 weeks of their year! Clearly, one can gain advantage from improvements that get you off email and on to work that is more valuable.


Taxation of Cryptocurrency... A Brave New World

September 27, 2018 | Presented by Stephen J. Turanchik, Lawyer / Paul Hastings LLP

The use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are becoming ever more prolific. This webinar will explore the U.S. tax treatment of cryptocurrencies and the best practices for tax professionals whose clients have business dealings using them.


Practical Considerations for Implementing New U.S. and Global Revenue Recognition Standards

September 13, 2018 | Presented by Steve Austin / Swenson Advisors

Last year Steve Austin did a webinar outlining the proposed new standards. Revenue recognition is a huge topic right now because public companies are implementing it this year and non-public companies will be doing it next year. Revenue recognition has international reach and there are differences in its implementation in the US and internationally.


Crowdfunding & New Ways For Raising Capital

June 7, 2018 | Presented by Mark Roderick / Flaster Greenberg

Mark Roderick is a very boring corporate and securities lawyer. Since the JOBS Act of 2012, he has spent all of his time in the Crowdfunding space and today is one of the leading Crowdfunding and Fintech lawyers in the United States


Cannabis Appraisal & Financial Management

May 2, 2018 | Presented by Ron Seigneur / Seigneur Gustafson LLP

Ron discusses the Cannabis Industry trends and nuances, along with its history.


The Taxation of Owning Real Estate in the UK

March 6, 2018 | Presented by Tim Cook / Wilder Coe Ltd.

Do you own or are you thinking of buying real estate in the United Kingdom? There have been very significant changes in the UK taxation of real estate whether: residential or commercial, who owns it UK resident or not and for whatever purpose it is owned. Some of the new legislation is far reaching enough to look through the use of any corporate or trust ownership structure, levying tax on sale, succession or death.


Qualified Business Income Deduction (QBID)

February 9, 2018 | Presented by Daniel L. Mellor, J.D., LL.M. / Kulzer & DiPadova, P. A.

Daniel L. Mellor, J.D., LL.M (Kulzer & DiPadova, PA) will explain the mechanics of the new 20% deduction available to owners of pass-through entities under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act


FASB Update on Nonprofit Accounting Standards (ASU 2016-14)

January 16, 2018 | Presented by Bill Sims and Bridget Losa / Salmon Sims Thomas & Associates, PLLC

Bill helps nonprofit organizations maximize their assets and expand their efforts. He enjoys helping nonprofits fulfill the mission for which they’ve been established. With more than 35years of experience providing accounting, tax, and business consultation to clients in a variety of industry groups, he is a recognized expert in the nonprofit sector with a concentration in religious organizations, social agencies, country clubs, and associations.


Lease Accounting

November 13, 2017 | Presented By Steve Austin, CPA / Swenson Advisors, LLP, Marion Adams / Swenson Advisors, Don Mitchell / Cresa and Simon Terry-Lloyd / Cresa

Implementation of the new FASB standard is challenging for companies large and small. Like many global companies that are lessees, Bristol-Myers Squibb has real estate, vehicle fleet, and office equipment leases in different languages and formats, often dictated by the many different lessors who contact with the company.


International Tax Update

September 28, 2017 | Presented by Franz Schweiger, Managing Partner/Director / BF Consulting Wirtschaftsprüfungs GmbH

EXIT TAXATION: an important topic for all members who advise international clients. Cross border taxation becomes more and more an issue because of a closer cooperation of tax departments within the OECD member states and G20 countries.


Business Valuation – An Intermediate Look

June 8, 2017 | Presented by Don DeGrazia, CPA/ABF/CFF and Kristen Matkowsky, CPA / Gold Gerstein Group LLP

Business valuation continues as one of the fastest growing and most lucrative niches for accounting firms. Developing in-house capabilities or working with other Integra members with a valuation skill set can be economically rewarding and diversify the services your firm offers. Join in for our first webinar as two experienced valuators explore the many aspects of valuation. Questions will be taken throughout the presentation. Comprehensive materials will be available to participants.


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