Cheslav (Slava) Denissenko

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Cheslav (Slava) Denissenko


Cheslav (Slava) Denissenko holds Magister Juris in International Law.

He worked for the Transnational IT Company for five years as a Legal Advisor and Project-Coordinator in the CIS Countries before joining Integra International in 2018.

His professional record includes a diplomatic background. As an International law expert and specialist of multilateral political and economic relations, Cheslav has extensive experience in cooperating with International Organizations Headquartered in Austria – i.e. the UN office in Vienna, UNIDO, IAEA and the OSCE with political strategy duties. His diplomatic experience spans good governance, a variety of areas in economic dimension, capacity-building activities on multilateral trade operations, human rights, International juridical cooperation.

Cheslav is a full-time employee of Integra International.

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