Cheslav (Slava) Denissenko

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Cheslav (Slava) Denissenko


Cheslav (Slava) Denissenko holds both a Bachelor of Laws as well as a Magister Juris in International Law, State University of Minsk, Belarus and University of Cairo, Egypt.  Besides Integra International Cheslav Denissenko is working for the Vienna based company AMETIST Trading GmbH as project-coordinator for international business.

His professional experience also includes diplomatic background. As a specialist of multilateral political and economic relations Cheslav (Slava) Denissenko served at the Ministry for Foreign affairs of Kazakhstan as the Advisor to the Minister on legal issues and pan-European diplomacy and as the Minister-Counsellor to the International organizations headquartered in Austria – i.e. the UN office in Vienna, UNIDO, IAEA, OSCE with political strategy duties. His experience spans also good governance, variety of areas in economic dimension, capacity-building activities on multilateral trade operations, human rights, international juridical cooperation.

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