Global CPA (HK) Ltd.

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Global CPA (HK) Ltd.


One of the fastest growing CPA firms in Hong Kong for Asia Treasury centre services. The majority (exceeding 90%) of our clients belonging to Multi-national companies who are investing or doing business across Asia, that require having grouped together their financial and tax functions into one central location, also known as Asia Treasury Centers. Our team provides the expertise to ensure statutory, financial and tax compliance and tax and financial efficiency plus structure advice. Global CPA offers economic value added professional services regarding statutory compliance, financial reporting, tax advice, corporate finance services and banking & commercial services for firms doing business across Asia.

We aim at creating opportunities and enhancing not only the management efficiency and effectiveness, but also the business competitiveness of our clients.



  • Audit - Private companies
  • Audit - Public companies
  • SOX compliance and support
  • IPO Planning and research
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business and investment in China
  • Corporate tax compliance
  • International tax planning & compliance
  • Offshore tax free application
  • Transfer pricing


  • Distribution
  • Government and state owned enterprises
  • International investment and holdings
  • International sourcing and distributing
  • Manufacturing
  • Private equity investment and strategic investment
  • Professionals
  • Real estate
  • Resources
  • Shipping/forwarding