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Ivan Rojas Ramos, CA

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Ivan Rojas – Accountant Auditor from the University of Santiago and MBA from the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. With 12 years of experience in Accounting Administration, Taxation and Finance in the Enersis Holding, composed of 6 years in the Holding as Head of Accounting Administration (in the years 1988-1993) in charge of the electricity distribution subsidiaries, a period in which he also I was a participant in their internationalization process in Argentina, Peru and Brazil, assuming responsibilities in due diligence and assuming the Administration and Finance Management in Edelnor-Peru and the Accounting Administration Management in Brazil.

Two years as Controller Manager of a Mining Company in Argentina and Chile (1999-2001 in charge of Finance, HR and Accounting Administration. Ten years as Senior Consultant and 6 years where I was responsible for training and assuming the Management of a Factoring Company. and for the same company I served as a tax and financial consultant and as a Director of Companies.

The last 2 years, I independently continue the activities of Consulting and Advising to companies of different industries in financial, accounting, tax, HR, management and strategic issues.

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