Maxim Boschman

  • Amsterdam
  • Netherlands


Maxim studied Dutch tax law at both Maastricht University and Leiden University, and he graduated with a master’s degree. He started his career in 2013 and extensive experience has been built over the years by working as tax lawyer at a big-four firm and as corporate tax lawyer on the global headquarters of a multinational company. Maxim is NOB-registered, i.e. member of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors.

Maxim specializes in HR-Tax: all (international) tax related matters with respect to employment, personnel, and rewards. He mainly advises employers, but also has a lot of practice advising on employee-level. His expertise involves (among others):

  • International tax and social security position regarding employer and employee
  • Taxation on compensation & benefits
  • Equity remuneration and employee participation schemes
  • Work-related costs scheme (‘WKR’)
  • Global mobility & expats
  • Non-fixed / flexible workforce

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Pedro de Medinalaan 39 Amsterdam 1086 XP Netherlands