Asia Pacific Region

At present, the Asia Pacific is the fastest growing economic region in the world. As business advisors to our clients, we need to educate them on the benefits of doing business beyond their shores, particularly in Asia. As part of the Integra family, each member firm must feel comfortable with working collaboratively with one another. This APRC aims to foster this collaborative spirit purposefully and in tangible ways such that cross-border economic activities may occur.


We share fundamental commitments to our clients and among ourselves to see everyone succeeds. Thus, we commit to the following for the sustainable success of our clients, our employees, and our firms:

1. Facilitate cross-border mutual understanding between Integra member firms in Asia and the rest of the Integra network

2. Assist Integra member firms in educating their clients on the benefits of doing business in Asia.

3. Handhold inbound clients so as to significantly mitigate market penetration risks in Asia.

4. Add value to our customers with the assistance of Integra member firms in Asia

5. In short, our motto is to Connect. Collaborate. Commerce.


This group meets quarterly.

Group Chair(s):

Tetsunori (Ted) Chiba

Actus Tax Corporation
Tokyo, Japan


Greg Marino

Banks Group Pty Ltd
Melbourne, Australia


Wayne Soo

Fiducia LLP

Group Manager:

Lois Pares

Asia Pacific