Business Valuation

As business advisors to our clients, we help their businesses grow by rendering to them advice that they value. In turn, we need to develop new revenue streams as they present themselves. This BV SIG aims to foster more collaborative spirit among Integra members more purposefully and in tangible ways such that cross-border economic activities may occur.


We share fundamental commitments to our clients and among ourselves to see everyone succeeds. Thus, we commit to the following for the sustainable success of our clients, our employees and our firms

1. Encourage more Integra member firms to come on board this SIG and reap the financial benefits of exploring this area of business.

2. Facilitate cross-border mutual understanding between Integra member firms.

3. Share business development ideas and initiatives among BV SIG members.

4. Share cross border success stories with the Integra membership.


This group meets quarterly.

Group Chair(s):

Don DeGrazia

Gold Gerstein Group LLC
Moorestown, New Jersey


Wayne Soo

Fiducia LLP

Group Manager:

Lois Pares

Asia Pacific