Data Analytics

Statement of Purpose: Data Analytics englobes a few subjects about data: the availability, the processing, and the visualization. It can be useful in a multiple of applications in Accounting, Audit and Advisory. It enables us to get the data more appropriately to the end user, the goal being for them to spend time analyzing it instead of getting the data.

Chair: Aurélie Vallereau

Aurélie is Partner and Chief Scientist Officer at group Batt.

She has a Master’s Degree in Management from ESCP Business School, a Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences from CentraleSupelec, a Research Master’s Degree in Data Science and Business Intelligence from Universite Paris Saclay and a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Management Control.

Meets Quarterly

Group Chair:

Aurelie Vallereau

BATT & Associés
Paris, France

Group Manager:

Lois Pares

Asia Pacific