Sustainability Reporting

Today, financial indicators are not the only criteria by which a company’s performance is measured. Both the public and regulatory authorities are raising their interest in corporate transparency, ethical and accountability standards. Customers, cooperation partners, job seekers, and other stakeholders are looking at the impact that the company has on society and the environment, how it evaluates its ESG performance and what goals it sets beyond the indicators included in the financial report.

A sustainability report is a way to inform the wider public about the company’s values, impact on social aspects and the environment. In EU according to Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, the sustainability reports for 2024 will be required to be published in the new digital Inline XBRL format according to European Single Electronic Formal (ESEF).

Thus, to provide a smoother transition for our members through these revolutionary changes, Integra International has formed a “Sustainability compliance” special interest group.

Jekaterina has experience shaping Latvia’s startup ecosystem and working on investor relations at an international venture capital fund. She is now in the family business Orients Audit & Finance to take it to the global scale. Jekaterina is a leading expert in the implementation of the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) projects for financial and sustainability reporting in the Baltics for banks, publicly traded companies, and state capital companies. PhD student at BA School of Business and Finance.

Anna is a PhD student at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and is currently working on a project about Sustainable Finance. In this project she is immersed in the new EU regulations on ESG. In the tax consulting firm BF Consulting wp GmbH she will handle sustainability reporting and  problems with the correct accounting.

This Group Meets Quarterly.

Group Chair(s):

Jakaterina Novicka

Orients Audit & Finance SIA
Riga, Latvia


Anna Itkin

BF Consulting
Vienna, Austria

Group Manager:

Lois Pares

Asia Pacific