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M I Chowdhury & Co.


M I Chowdhury & Co. was established in the year 1985, and our first assignment was audit of Development Project for GTZ (now GiZ), German Development Agency in the year 1985. Then we conducted Evaluation of a Family Planning Project for GTZ in the year 1986.

We have conducted technical, operational, performance & financial audit and management capacity assessment of around 200 Development Projects (Partner Organizations) for UNDP, ADB, World Bank, UNICEF, USAID, GTZ and UNFPA.

Since inception we have been providing diverse services to wide range of clients in the Government, Autonomous Bodies, Public and Private Enterprises, International Organizations, UN Organizations and NGOs, Bank & Financial Institutions.


To promote the aforesaid jobs, we have gathered a highly qualified group of professionals including Chartered Accountants, IT Specialist, Economists, Textile and RMG Management Experts, Sociologist, Statisticians, Market Specialists, Engineers, Bankers, Legal Experts, etc.



  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Management consulting
  • Tax consulting


  • Educational Institute
  • Garments
  • Hospitals
  • Information Technologies (IT)
  • Medical research/pharmaceuticals
  • NGO
  • Real estate
  • Textiles
  • Transportation
  • Travel agencies