Integra Announces Appointment of Mark Saunders as Chief Operating Officer

April 1st, 2021 – Integra International is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Mark Saunders as new Chief Operating Officer.

Former Global Chair of Integra International, Mr Saunders joined the Association back in 2004. He brings to Integra International his many years of experience in corporate audit and accounting as Partner at Wilder Coe Chartered Accountants Ltd, a London-based advisory firm with two UK offices and a team of over 50 people. Mark has worked across different sectors and has also been involved in sales and acquisitions. “I have always enjoyed a close relationship with my clients and firmly believe that high professional standards and excellent levels of service are the key to a successful practice”, he says.

Mr Saunders will fulfil the role of Chief Operating Officer on a part-time basis as he prepares to retire from practice. His duties will include carrying out the plans and objectives of the Global Board, providing direction to regional administrators, organizing a number of global conferences and events held by Integra International as part of their efforts to facilitate networking and knowledge sharing, while also coordinating and developing member services, marketing activities and supporting Integra International’s Membership Manager and International Ambassador, Mr Cheslav Denissenko, in growing the Association.

“I am pleased to be working with people that I know and respect within an International Association that is characterized by its friendly, supportive and professional nature.” – Mr Saunders continues – “I will be reaching out to our members to invite a continuing dialogue with them. I believe Integra has a very bright and promising future and especially look forward to the moment when we can all actually meet together once more.” Mr Saunders is being appointed as Chief Operating Officer at a time of increasing growth of members within the Integra International association and will address supporting members in this increasingly dynamic business and economic environment.

Mr Brian Hunter, current Global Chair of Integra International, is delighted with this new appointment: “Mark was a unanimous choice for this position. As a long-standing Board Member and Former Global Chair of Integra International, there is no one better suited than Mark to guide our organization as we continue to grow and provide value to our members and their clients. Mark has a deep understanding of the issues facing our clients and a strong passion for developing global relations and support in our industry”.