Researching Tax for Integra Tax World

Grant Gilmour B.Sc. HONS , MBA, CPA BC Canada , CA, CPA Arizona USA

When I became editor of this newsletter, I knew many members of Integra and in particular many who are primarily tax advisors. What I am growing to know is the large “World” of tax and tax advisors that make up the Integra community.  I started to put together a list or tool to help me keep track of what firms are doing and in particular what they have on their websites regarding tax. Think of it as “speed dial” for tax advice in Integra. This is still a work in Process. I need your help to create this resource database.

Today I am asking for members to contribute their favorite resources. My intention is to create a public database of great websites and materials for Integra members and for potential clients of Integra. I have found that it is important to know where to look for information and to have reliable current resources.

As a starter I will list a few websites I look at from time to time:
The Tax Foundation publishes many surveys of rates and approached to taxation in the world. I find that their explanations are very helpful when I need to understand a tax that is new to me.
The OECD is a familiar name to many tax advisors. Their role as leader and resource in international tax matters is unparalleled.

As well many of our members offer excellent blogs on taxation and make their information public on their websites.

Here are some examples:
KGRN is our member in Dubai United Arab Emirates and the UAE is undergoing dramatic changes to their taxation systems. The next major change will be the introduction of corporate tax. This will impact many of our clients with a tax presence in the UAE.
Bright Graeme Murray is our member firm in London UK. Did you know that VAT is 50 years old in the UK. Look at their website for material on this historic anniversary.
Orients is our member firm in Latvia. Their material shows how integrated their practice is with the current hot topics facing international business.

I always go to our member firms first when researching tax topics internationally. I encourage you to use our “find a firm” tool.

If you need help researching a tax topic, please reach out to me. I can help connect you with an Integra member specialist in that tax area. Please reach out and contribute your favorite resources and also feel free to speak to me if you need help with your tax research.

Please send corrections and updates to [email protected]