Corrigan Accountants

Integra International Announces New Member in Bristol, UK

Integra International is very pleased to announce that a new member in Bristol, United Kingdom, has been admitted. Corrigan Accountants Limited is a 5 Partner and 15 staff, full audit, accountancy and tax firm. The Managing Partner and main contact for Integra is Mr. Edward Corrigan who can be contacted at The other Partners are Richard Bunker, Alison Byrne, Stuart Crisp and Pete Edwards. Details about the firm and the Partners can be seen on the Integra Website. The firm Corrigan Accountants Limited has been recommended by our former member in Bristol, Mark Hunter from Hunter Accountants, who left Integra as at 31 December 2019. Mark Hunter and Edward Corrigan have known each other for many years, and occasionally Corrigan Accountants has operated as an alternate for Hunter Accountants.   … Read More