Presenting Alec Ross and The Raging 2020s

by Mance Creative

Friends of Integra International may remember Alec Ross as one of the speakers at our fall, 2019 Conference in Washington, DC., along with his personal connection with several of Integra’s Global Board members. Alec is a former senior advisor to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, a Senior Fellow at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, and the author of the New York Times’ bestseller, Industries of the Future. Integra is proud to congratulate Alec on the release of his newest book, The Raging 2020s: Companies, Countries, People – and the Fight for Our Future.

With his new work, The Raging 2020s, Alec addresses the breakdown of the social contract that once governed the relationship between individuals, governments and companies in a work that Former Director of the CIA, General David Petraeus, calls “A gripping, illuminating chronicle that provides a wonderful birds-eye view from the heights of government and international business, that solidifies Ross’ position among the most visionary of global thinkers on the future of technology and its implications, and that also is an amazingly enjoyable, page-turning read!”

As we enter an era when global companies are more powerful than governments, how we rewrite that broken social contract will impact crucial issues such as sustainability, diversity, worker’s rights, inequality and the increasing frequency of climate disasters. The Raging 2020s examines the economic and political forces that brought us to where we are and provides an essential blueprint for the decade to come.

Alec Ross’ The Raging 2020s is a must-read for business leaders, policy makers and individuals interested in addressing the challenges that face us as we reinvent the social contact that binds us together, and forge ahead into the decade to come and beyond.

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